I hate protesters!/I hate R.R.!

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I hate protesters!/I hate R.R.!

Post by Tairu on Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:38 pm

Quest Overview: There's a lot of people out side of the red ribbon building protesting the cybernetic beings from being programmed for military uses. You can either wipe out all of the people or lead them inside the building to lead the assault.

I HATE PROTESTERS!-If you chose to destroy them, Red Ribbon wants you to bring back their android, amongst the crowd. Funny thing is it doesn't know it's an android they gave you a picture of it but it's had facial reconstruction. If you bring him back there's a lot of Zenni your way. (He's stronger then others if you shot him with a ki blast he won't die in one hit like most, he's also been studying martial arts so he's stronger. 20,000 PL (Bad Choice) Don't worry you got Bash on your side. Bash was the one who made the android, grab the android and bring it to Bash he'll shut it down, that's all he'll do for you. Nothing else.

I HATE R.R.-If you lead the attack into the red ribbon base you can steal some files and show the evil experiments they're doing to the government and their operations will be shut down and they will stop being founded by the countries around the world. There is a large amount of evil scientist in there which means evil twisted experiments such as "Project Big Feats" A giant mech that kills almost anything on site. But that's no a problem to you it's the man inside. Bash, who has had numerous cybernetic replacements, his plan to make him a saiyan. He's powerful as one, and can fly and also has his own attacks. The android does know a few of Bash's weakness. Such as a couple of wires in his arms that shuts him completely down but he can only tell you this!!! He can't actually do it. Either you kill bash or you turn him in. Once you get the files to the government Zenni is coming your way.

Dash has amazing speed.
Bash has amazing strength.

Quest Rewards:+833 All Stats 2000z - 20 Alignment
Quest Rewards:+833 All Stats 2000z +20 Alignment

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