Welcome to Wonderland

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Welcome to Wonderland

Post by Tairu on Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:38 pm

Info: You are sleeping on a tree when a weird white rabbit runs upon you and wakes you up. You wake up to hearing “I’m late” You look at the rabbit looking at his clock and then running to a hole. You’re a little curious what a talking rabbit does so you follow him. You fall in to a weird hole. Great now you kind of want to get of here fast. Great now you were discovered by some Majin woman who calls herself the Queen of Hearts. She has sent an army of Majins to turn all the people who disobey her to cards. Help fight against them and save the people of Wonderland and knock the queen down a notch and find them a new queen. The queen is really powerful though! Watch out she has a main stat of Strength. Help the people and get out of there fast. (You may be asleep Wink)

Reward: + 35 Wisdom and +60 Endurance

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