Save/ Destroy West City

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Save/ Destroy West City

Post by Tairu on Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:02 am

Required : minimum pl of 3,000

Quest Overview : Meeko has attacked West City, now you have a choice of supporting Meeko(- alignment) or killing Meeko(+ alignment). If you support him you might face other members and if you are killed along with Meeko your reward will be halved and the member who killed you will get the full reward. Try to win by supporting Meeko but watch as you may get stopped.

Big Beast, Why Such A Small Name Wink

Rewards : all stats increase by 500
5,000 Zenni (only if you save west city)
+10 alignment if you save West City
-10 alignment if you attempt/destroy West City

(Roleplay a big fight as you are getting big rewards)

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