Oh No Aliens (2)

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Oh No Aliens (2)

Post by Tairu on Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:23 pm

Required : Finished "Oh No Aliens" and have a PL of 6,000 or more(you will battle an alien army you need strength)

Quest Overview : After you beat the aliens out they have returned with more power then ever with an army which is almost double in size than the last one and has taken a few people including the mayor of west city hostage. Now its your job to return and destroy their army and free the hostages

Rewards : +1,000 in all stats(500 in the first one so now facing a double sized army...the rewards are doubled)
3,000 zeni (if you free all the hostages and save the mayor)
+5 alignment

(May only be done once)

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