Fusion Dance

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Fusion Dance

Post by Tairu on Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:17 pm

Name: Fusion Dance

Type Of Technique : Dance

Description: Made by the elders who believe in team work made it. They believe any trials may be challenged if you have a team so being one with each other should make an ultimate warrior.

Maker of Technique: The Elders

PL Required To Learn (If There is any): None

Any Specific Race That Can Only Learn It? : Any May Learn It.

Anything Else? :
Lasts Up To 12 Posts Until It Ends
Then You Must Wait For Both Users To Go Through 7 Posts To Refuse

The Way Fusion Works Is The 12 Posts Is Divided Between The Two Users. First User Will Post Then Second User Posts On What They Do And So On.

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