Look Who Is Almighty

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Look Who Is Almighty

Post by Tairu on Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:40 am

(May Only Be Done Once)
Required: The Fighters There Must Have Atleast Have 20,500 All Together!

Information: Frigid a very cold hearted evil Changeling decided he is the strongest in the universe. Taking over a small army of over 300 he went to Majinz to prove himself. The Changeling is now using his highly remarkable powers to destroy and take over Planet Majinz and use it for a military base. He has some remarkable powers alright but lets see what he is like taking you on or maybe you might need some help. He has a Power Level of 21,000! His highest Stat is Strength at 7,000.

(You may fight him and his army alone or with a friend) (Only Up To Two People May Do The Quest)

Reward: 900+ All Stats, 500+ Zenni

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