Red Ribbon Reconnaissance

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Red Ribbon Reconnaissance

Post by Tairu on Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:55 am

Requirement: Must Be A Android

Description: You're monitor has been acting strangely ever since you arrived on Earth. One night, you have a fuzzy vision of an old base with several men wearing white lab coats poking and prodding as you lay lifeless. When you awake you feel like your body is strangely moving on its own toward a remote location deep within the woods. After several hours you come to an old abandoned facility. There are several RR logo's plastered on the outside of the building. Enter the building and find out what exactly is hidden inside for you. Careful, there may be booby traps.

Reward: +45 all stats, +500 Zenni

Special: RR Circuitry Board X790 - Wow with this power your Ki is going up by 1,000 this is amazing. (Do a good Role Play during this quest and it will be added to your Items.)

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