The Dead Zone

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The Dead Zone

Post by Tairu on Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:49 pm

Required: 4,500 if Solo, None If Your In A Group

(May Only Be Done Once)

Quest: On the planet Majinz someone comes who has a quest to become The Gaurdian of Majinz. To fulfill this he is going to use force to make the Majinz worship him as the Gaurdian. You go to confront the Mayko-Jin Known as Pepper. You start a raging battle with him but after a little you figure out he was granted Eternal Life. One of the Majinz tell you they will open up the Dead Zone You need to weaken him and get him in there or he will trap you in there. Watch that PL is about 5,900 so good luck with this fight. You may need a group or you may not!

Rewards: 450 All Stats

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