Word of Wisdom

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Word of Wisdom

Post by Tairu on Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:48 pm

(May Only Be Done Once)

Quest: You hear somewhere all the way on the other side of this planet is a Android who speaks words of wisdom. Maybe you can learn something from him. You wanna find him but he wont be to easy to get to. On the way you have three tests to come over.

1. Your walking down the path until you are attacked by three bandits! They have pretty low PL's so you will be able to take them out!

2. The Trials are now getting even harder you are now attacked by a Android Known as Android 8000 and another Android known as Android 19000. They have pretty high PL's but not enough to take you out.

3. Whew they keep getting stronger. Oh great one more battle what the its a Android of you. Its got all the same PL and Stats as you. Well time to take him out.

Once you get through go get your words of wisdom!

Rewards: 530 All Stats

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