Meet The Elders

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Meet The Elders

Post by Tairu on Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:51 pm

Required: A Team Of Two!

Quest: The Elders of the planet have been dancing around a fire for a while and the dances are old ritual dances. You walk into their camp and look at which seems to be a lot of old crazy men. Don’t let looks fool you since they are actually some of the most intelligent on the whole entire planet. Each planet has their own Elders which all share a bond between each other. You and a friend walk up to be taught by the elders .They agrees but you have some tasks before they will teach you. They are all about teamwork so show them how you work together so well. A game of soccer with you and the elders. I guess this may be a little hard I mean 2 against 9. Try to win a game against them. They are very good so you may have some trouble.

Rewards: +100 Strength and Speed

(May only be done once)

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