Find My Grandson! Sell The Eggs?

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Find My Grandson! Sell The Eggs?

Post by Tairu on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:43 pm

Quest: You have been called by an old woman who lived with her grandson, raising him since he was little since his parents passed away when he was young. She asks you to help find her grandson, he had went out to get food for them a couple days ago but never came back. She is worried about him and wants you to track him down and bring him back to her in exchange for a small amount of zenny, it is all she can afford; he is seventeen years old and his power level is relatively low. You find him being unconscious in the nest of a large Dinosaur, laying next to a few unhatched fairly large eggs; he was probably going to be their meal once they hatched. You recall some one from town saying they were interested in buying these types of eggs, but you can only carry so many of them. You have a choice on which you would rather have, you may save the man and do the right thing, or take the eggs and leave him for dead. Either way you will be confronted by a large Raptor who is protecting it's nest, take it down and take your reward or save the boy.

95 All stats +10 Alignment, +100 Zenny.
95 All Stats -10 Alignment, +500 Zenny.

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